3G Spectrum costs RCom Rs. 8,585.04 crore

The spectrum was reserved by RComin 13 circles, counting Delhi and Mumbai, this has made it the single operator with pan-India 3G ability in CDMA, and amongst the leading three with maximum 3G-enabled coverage.

It has been reported that about Rs. 8,585.04 crore was paid by Reliance Communications to the Government towards safeguarding the 3G spectrum. It is said that the last date for making payments for 3G spectrum by all telecom companies is today, counting PSUs BSNL and MTNL.

About Rs. 67,719 crore was earned by the Government from 3G spectrum’s sale through a 34-day-long auction procedure, which saw the participation of about nine operators.

Wherever RCOM 900 MHz spectrum it has won 3G spectrum in all circles. 3G spectrum was achieved in 13 circles, counting high-progress ‘C’ ones, for under Rs. 500 crore.

The firm said that RCOM would require putting in only a negligible amount into the 3G network capex due to its pre-existing national high-tech GSM network. According to the Company, RCOM will robustly influence its media, gaming, cinema and broadcasting potentials in order to provide its clientele with an exceptional “true 3G experience