New Google Skype phone makes ISD cheaper

Interconnectivity solutions provider Belkin’s newly introduced Google Skype phone is capable to curtail rising bill of international calls. The phone automatically detects Wi-Fi environment and establishes a link with a person’s Skype account supported by a wireless router worth Rs 1500 only.

Once installed, it may dial Skype number or person’s mobile number, providing call rates as cheap as Rs 1 per minute.

STD calling is costly as compared to charges levied by wireless operators but it is highly efficient for making PC to PC calls over Skype, a software application for internet telephony.

Belkin’s new desktop and Wi-Fi phone come with pre-loaded Skype and it terminates the need of turning on one’s computer. The cordless Wi-Fi phone and desktop phone, available at all leading electronic stores, offers unlimited free PC to PC calls.

The products are available at Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 10,000 with free 30 Skype out minutes and one month of free voice mail to a few users.

Belkin’s Skype desktop Internet phone is just like a simple phone set, having an on-screen colour menu, call history, clock, and auto-list import features