TRAI to release 4G by end of 2010

TRAI the telecom regulator who released the 3G technology said this past week that they are not working on the release of their new ultra-broadband. The ultra-broadband that also known as 4G or fourth generation technology by the end of 2010.

Chairman JS Sarma of TRAI said they will release consultation details and “Before the year-end, we should be ready with recommendations on 4G,” he added.

4G broadband will be a lot faster than its predecessor and will give users HD video, faster speeds, and higher download speeds. The ultra-broadband is an improvement on the 2G and 3G broadband settings. 4G technology will provide mobile and PC users with gigabyte speeds with faster than ever speeds

After previous broadband connections saw a low rate of sales, the Chairman of TRAI added: “We want to give the recommendations on the National Broadband Plan by July.”

TRAI will have to look into the band and quantum mode allotment for operators if 4G is accepted. US-Based Ericsson and Motorola have been testing on the 4G technology. If the technology is accepted, users will have to pay more for spectrum above 6.2 Mhz. The government will get a revenue of Rs.21,717.1 Crore.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) demanded that the Communications Minister A. Raja must resign. As they said he was “involved in corrupt practices by selling 2G spectrum to some industrialists by manipulating TRAI [Telecom Regulatory Authority of India] recommendations.”

“The CPI(M) demands that Mr. Raja immediately resigns from his post pending a high-power enquiry into the entire 2G spectrum scam. If the Minister refuses to resign, the Prime Minister should sack him to maintain the dignity of the high post that Mr.Raja is holding in the government,” they said.