Twitter takes steps towards social media advertising

TwitterPopular microblogging and networking site, Twitter appears to be entering the social media advertising in a more serious way. The company has also found a way to make money out of the arrangement.

Twitter created a special account, @earlybird a few days ago where it will deliver information about exclusive deals from Twitter’s advertising partners. The advertising partners, however, remain unmanned and the nature of the arrangement between them and the company is also not very clear.

Twitter only says that it will “earn revenue through our relationships with advertisers.”

The @earlybird works show deals for its users and they can retweet, follow and unfollow the account as and when they want. The account works just like any other twitter account. The companies offering deals will pay Twitter for promoting their products and the companies will offer some special packages to the users of the site.

Twitter with its 190 million users worldwide can provide an attractive platform for companies trying to attract customers. The companies can promote anything from physical products to tickers for events or travel.

Twitter has indicated in a blog post that it will categorize deals on under various topics like apparel or gadgets. The company said that it will be selective about the deals offered on the site and will try to make them attractive to the users.

Initially, the company will offer only offers for its users in the US and might expand later with its geolocation feature. @earlybird deals will only be meant for Twitter users, unlike @cheaptweet that collects deals from across the web. The account already has about 15,000 followers and the deals are expected to be posted soon.