Samsung to switch to Android and Bada

Samsung PhoneSouth Korean electronics major, Samsung has revealed the list of operating systems that will be used in its upcoming smartphones.

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Samsung announced that about 50 percent of all new smartphones will run on the Android OS launched by Google in 2008. Of the remaining, 33 percent will use the Bada OS and the company’s own OS which was released in December.

The details about the OS used in the remaining 17% of smartphones are not clear however most expect it to be the Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft.

Android is an open source OS which is gaining enormous popularity among users and handset makers. The OS was developed by the Open Handset Alliance that includes over 50 firms, including Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung and LG.

Meanwhile, Reliance Communications is in talks with handset makers, including Samsung, LG and Motorola for procuring Android-based smartphones. The company wants to procure 3 lakh Android smartphones in both the CDMA and GSM categories.

RCom plans to spend about Rs 500 crore in the next three months for the phones. The company says that it expects the smartphones segment to grow in the country increasing demands for data services. It is expected to discussions with Nokia the possibility of launching the Nokia Messaging Services (NMS) on its network.

RCom is also looking for introducing new voice and data bundled plans for its existing line of smartphones in the country.