BBC in the process of making sci-fi news

Dr.WhoBritish science fiction on TV wants to score more on this particular stream, gaining past its most liked Dr. Who.

Dr. Who series has been an ever-lasting classic and remains to be the only one dominant till date. This doesn’t imply that the BBC is resting with its achievements. With a go-ahead from the corporation, it now aims at bringing out quality content, a new science fiction series, which is presently being shot at South Africa.

The ‘Outcasts’, supposedly the name of the science action series, is set in 2040 on a planet known as Carpathia. This eight-part series will feature human attempts to populate the planet with various races of settlers arriving and setting up home in a similar way to the first settlers in America and Australia.

The cast features stars like Hermione Norris, Eric Mabius and Jamie Bamber. It will soon be aired on BBC.