Tata Power goes for acquisitions in wind energy sector

One of India’s leading power company, in the private sector area, Tata Power said that it is going to acquire substantial assets in the wind power sector.

The power company said that it is going to acquire 20.95 MW of operating assets in the wind power sector. These are situated in Maharashtra and the company from which it is going to takeover is Niskalp Energy.

Besides this, Tata Power is also going to deeper in the alternative energy sector. It also said that it will increase its existing capacity and will install an additional capacity of 150-200 MW. These will be done in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

The addition, said the company in its press release that these new developments will begin taking shape by the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011.

Prasad Menon, MD of Tata Power said that the company is going to make addition over and above its existing capacity of 200 MW. Through this alone it has managed to generate 20 per cent of power through the so-called clean sources and expects to make it 25 per cent in another 2-3 years time.