Suzuki beaten by Maruti in output

Maruthi SuzukiThe better performer than Suzuki in annual vehicle production in 2009 is none other than Maruti Suzuki, which is riding high due to healthy growth in the Indian market.

As per the 2009 production numbers, a total of 966,399 units were manufactured by Maruti, while 908,302 vehicles were produced by Suzuki – that holds a 54% stake in the Indian car major.

For the year 2009, Maruti’s total sales were 967581 units, which were again more than Suzuki’s production numbers.

A growth of nearly 19% was seen for the Indian market, while the Japanese auto market shrunk 10% last year.

The expanding market and increase in sales helped Maruti increasing its production, as it sold 836893 units in the domestic market in 2009 and exported 130688 units, led by the A-Star compact that it sells independently and also contract manufactures for Nissan.

With Alto being the company’s biggest-selling vehicle in India, (which accounted for 2.4 lakh units last year), the second was WagaonR with sales of 1.4 lakh units.