Sharp launches 108 inch LCD in India

LCD TVElectronics major Sharp has launched the world’s largest 108-inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen in the Indian market.

This newly launched device christened ‘LB-1085’ costing Rs 97 lakh, is meant for hospitals, security purposes and High Networth Individuals.

Explaining the difference between Displays and LCD TVs, Mr. Sunil Sinha Sinha, managing director of Sharp business system limited stated, “Displays are designed for 24-hour usage whereas LCD TVs are meant for intermittent usage.”

LB-1085, with 7.8 feet hight , is bundled with an ASV low-reflection black TFT LCD monitor, a screen-size, which roughly equals four 52-inch monitors and claims to be of a low-power consumption design aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.