Coders offer Android on iPhone 3G

In a more frustrating development for Apple, after a host of jailbreaks which the company has tried to fight against with regular and out of cycle upgrades, the hackers are now offering Android on the iPhone 3G. The platform is also expected to be made available for iPhone 3GS soon.

David Wang, a hacker who uses the name, “planetbeing” has earlier displayed a first generation (2G) iPhone running modified Android OS. Wang is popular among hackers for proving key help in bringing out jailbreak available for Apple iPhone 3GS.

This week he showed Android running on the iPhone 3G. Wang choose dual booting and used OpeniBoot tool to control the multiboot. He used UltraSn0w in OpeniBoot for the radio to work.

He is able to use Wi-Fi, internet, SMS, and MMS featured on Android. While, the one thing he was not able to work was voice and thus making it impossible for making calls. However, Wang claims that he will work to get the sound fully working.

Wang indicated that many in the hacking community are now working to bring the sound for it. He stated that the project will succeed with their help soon. Wang hasn’t released the code yet but he is expected to publish it on his website soon. Apple says that jailbreaks and unlocking the iPhone is illegal and violates its digital rights.

The phone is not the only device hacked this way. Recently, Windows Mobile handsets were also hacked to run Android. Android OS was also shown working on HTC Touch.