Sharp announces two new Freeview HD PVR boxes in UK

Sharp has unveiled its two new Freeview HD PVR boxes in the UK, in a move that could pester other Freeview HD PVRs suppliers such as Humax and Toshiba.Sharp HD PVR Box

The Sharp TU-T2HR32 comes with dual turners and 320GB of internal storage, Ethernet for updates and an ethernet port. In addition, the piano black TU-T2HR32 has the capacity to upscale standard definition programming to full HD.

On the other hand, the Freeview HD Sharp TU-T2 box has a single turner and no storage capacity at all.

Both of the announced digital Freeview receivers will play with HD signals.

Sharp is yet to declare the exact launch dates and pricing for the two receivers, but the TU-T2 is expected to hit the stores in April, while the TU-T2HR32 should be available by May.