Nokia Launches The Much Awaited Nokia 5800 Express Music phone

Finally, Nokia has launched its much-awaited Nokia 5800 Express Music phone in the market. The company is hoping that Nokia 5800, which has especially been designed for music lovers, would be a success in the market with its exclusive touch screen.

The Nokia 5800 express has been equipped with some really classy features that will definitely lure the customers. It has got a large 3.2” touch screen, 8GB memory, a 3.2-megapixel camera, and nice built-in surround speakers.

Moreover, the phone will give its users direct access to Nokia’s Music Store. This set is perfect for all those who want to avail a 1 year unlimited access to Nokia’s catalogue.

To add more, the phone also has support for 60 languages, GPS capability, Bluetooth and quite good emailing and texting capabilities with a full QWERTY keyboard.

The Nokia 5800 Express also has a ‘Media Bar’ and ‘Contacts Bar’. These bars function in their own way. The former is basically meant to give direct access to music, videos and photos along with a direct link to a website or for online sharing; the latter feature is like feedback of your own life.

The price of the Nokia 5800 Express is expected to be around 279 euros excluding subsidies and tax, and is expected to start shipping in the coming few weeks.