Samsung to bet Bada against Apple’s ecosystem

South Korean electronics giant, Samsung is set to challenge Apple’s ecosystem with its own Bada OS for smartphones.

The head of Bada platform, Justin Hong said that Bada is capable of working on a wider range of devices and the company is carrying out research for making it work on a computer tablet and also TVs.

The Bada platform is still new and there are only about 150 apps available. The company has however said that there are thousands of apps waiting for its certification. Samsung expects developers of Android and Apple to develop apps for the Samsung platform in the future.

Samsung has invited developers to a total of 26 developer days for which it has received a positive response, according to Mr. Hong. The company might be working on creating a developer’s community with a revenue sharing mechanism.

“We are focusing on quality, not quantity. Bada is a new platform and can provide an opportunity for developers to get their apps recognized in a store that is not crowded when compared to other stores,” he said.

The company will produce devices based on multiple platforms however Bada will be an important part of its offering. Mr. Hong also expressed that the smartphone hardware is an important factor that influences buyers along with OS and design of the device.

Samsung aims for developing a core following similar to the one for Apple among developers and consumers. The company has released its new smartphones called Wave 2 and Wave Pro based on the Bada version.