Facebook banned in Pakistan

As per sources, a Pakistan court has banned the popular social networking site Facebook in the country. Earlier, a petition has been filed against the site regarding a competition held on Facebook. The court has ordered the authorities temporarily to block the social networking site. Facebook

A competition featuring caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad was held on this site. Then a lawyers’ group called the Islamic Lawyers’ Movement has filed a case against Facebook saying the contest was “blasphemous”.

The lawyers’ group has said that Pakistan is an Islamic country and as per the laws they can never allow activities that are “un-Islamic”. They will protest against the site.

However, the court has ruled for the lawyer group and ordered the officials to ban the site temporarily. But the petitioner has informed that it is not possible to block a website partially, so the entire link had to be blocked soon.

But on the other hand, Facebook has denied any such motive to hurt the religious sentiment of the country or the religion. It has said it a statement, it has just wanted to show the extremists who are threatening to harm people because of their Muhammad depictions.