Roamware launches ‘Cardless ATM’

Roamware has launched ‘Cardless ATM’ solutions. This will allow its customers to withdraw cash from an ATM without the use of cash card. This has been one of the latest inclusions in ATM technology. In case of theft or loss of card, this technology can be very helpful.

However, this technology is not new to the European market. Permanent TSB has launched this service in Europe before. PTSB has introduced this particular service in Ireland as part of its mobile banking solution.

But it is going to be a new banking experience for the Indian customers. Now they can have this Cardless ATM services in India as well with the help of Roamware.

Executive Vice President of Roamware, Mr. Avnish Chauhan has informed that this technology has been a great success in other parts of the world and banks around the world have shown great interest in this particular product. He has also said that the several banks from Asia and Africa are planning to use this technology for their mobile money transactions. He has anticipated that it is going to be successful for Indian banks as well.