Man Booked Under Charges of Drunk Driving in Barbie Car

A 40-year-old man, who was spotted by the police for drunk driving, failed in running away as the maximum speed allowed in the toy car doesn’t exceed 4mph. The man named Paul Hutton was trying to take the car to a friend’s house.

He shared his regret as he has been banned for 12-months from driving.

“I’m not unhappy with my punishment, just surprised. It needn’t have gone to court. Possibly the police arrested me for something to tell the grandchildren”, he said.

Mr. Hutton is a divorcee and a former RAF aeronautical engineer who has been studying electric engineering at the Colchester Institute.

He brought the Barbie car home when he found it abandoned 10 years back. Nearly 8 months back he started restructuring it with his son Simon, 17, who is pursuing a car mechanics course. The car runs on a 12v battery and has got two wheels. It can change its color from pink to white.

Mr. Hutton while drinking on March 28 just thought of showing the jeep to a friend living nearby. He was booked for having ignored the warnings of the police.