Apple may launch 6-core Mac Pro On March 16

Rumors are flying high that expansive toymaker Apple is all set to unleash its new six-core Mac Pro, which is based on Intel’s Core i7-970 chip.

Technology magazines have reported that Apple’s new six-core Mac Pro should be launched on March 16th.

Reports suggest that the upcoming machine will have Mac-edition ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, which could cost more around 300 pounds.

Apple is likely to refresh its Mac Pro range completely. It can make 6GB the minimum memory configuration to be available. In addition, the Geforce GT220 with 1GB may replace the current GT120 with 512MB.

The entry-level Mac Pro can be purchased for 1940 pounds as compared with Ebuyer’s quad-core computer that is available with a price tag of fewer than 400 pounds.

Apple’s new Mac Pro is expected to cost around 3000 pounds.