12-yrs-old-attempts to “summon” Anderson

Warren Anderson former chief of Union Carbide was tried issued summon by one 12-year –old Indian-American activist, over the deadliest Bhopal gas disaster that occurred in the year 1984.

Akash Viswanath Mehta the 12year old boy, standing outside a skyscraper in Park Avenue which houses the law firm that represents Union Carbide said that they went there to appeal to Warren Anderson and summon him to the Indian court where he had been charged with guilty of homicide and that is equivalent to the mass killing in America.

12-yrs-old-attempts to “summon” Anderson at Stock WatchMehta and his older brother Gautama 15 years of age had been asked to leave the place by the building owners who had been found saying that building is a private property owned by H J Kalikow. The media was not allowed to film on the property.

Akash was found carrying the 1992 summons along with the charge sheet. He had them in an envelope, and Akash requested that the papers should be delivered to the office of Kelly, Drye, and Warren. The building owner said in response that there was nobody present in the office and the activists should make an appointment or send the summons by post.

ICJB and Kids for a better future organized the protest .they are based in New York. Both the groups said that their objective was to remind Warren Anderson that He was still running away and he should respond to the outstanding charges that are there against him.

Akash had been found stating that he would like to appeal to Anderson’s conscience, his grief, and his guilt. He would ask Anderson to stand beside him.

American Law states that the polluter must pay to clean up the mess, so Dow who owns Union Carbide should pay.

Another demonstration was organized outside the Indian Embassy in Washington on the same issue.