US satellites to use ISRO platform

ISRO IndiaIndia’s technology safeguards agreement signed with the US during the recent state visit of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New Delhi will soon yield fruitful results for the space research program of the country. It will enable India to launch smaller satellites for the United States at much competitive prices using indigenously developed rockets.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman, Madhavan Nair said, “Space cooperation with the US has been the agenda of the government. The pact will enable US-made satellites or with components of US to be launched from India.”

He said that the space body is already providing satellite launching services to various nations at very economical prices and more countries to avail the service on mutually agreeable terms. The country has been developing heavier rocket GSLV-MKIII that will help to further reduce the cost of sending a satellite to space.

Mr. Nair, while launching an indigenous GIS mapping software in Ahmadabad, added, “We will have more opportunities to get foreign satellites for launch from India. Prior to the agreement, users had to wait for clearance for every case.”

Meanwhile, ISRO will hold a review of the country’s first unmanned moon mission, the Chandrayaan, in September to set its operations in order.