Tata plans to roll out hybrid versions of ‘Nano’

TATA Nano carIt hasn’t been a full year since the launch of Nano, the world’s cheapest car and Tata has again signaled to launch new hybrid versions of the Nano, which may also include some modifications in exterior design.

In the 63rd annual general meeting of the company, the chairman of Tata Motors, Mr. Ratan Tata has hinted that the launch of new environment-friendly and cheap hybrid cars is on cards. The company is working on alternative fuel technology and the hybrid technology for the new cars to be launched.

The company said that they also have been working on the use of bio-diesel and ethanol across the Tata companies. Tata has also told about a new project with a France company, which is based on using compressed air as fuel, though Mr. Tata was not confident about the success of this project.

The company has delivered 10,518 units of Tata Nano car by October after its delivery has started.

Tata has also been exporting light truck, ACE, to South Korea, and also been manufacturing this model in its South Korean plant. Moreover, the company is looking forward to invest in Vietnam and US markets.

The company has shown signs to invest in different fields like automobiles, software and hotel businesses, as well as biofuel in the South American markets such as Brazil and Argentina.