Mozilla to Soon Introduce Firefox for Mobile Browsing

Firefox Mobile browserFennec, Firefox’s web browser is ready to occupy your mobile phones.

Mozilla is the world’s second-largest Internet browser firm, and it now wants to compete with its rival companies like Opera Mini, Safari, Chrome, Nokia, Netfront and Internet Explorer for Mobile. The company is taking out a browser for mobile which will launch in 2010.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser commands 25% global market share on desktops and Internet Explorer commands a majority share of almost 63%. And viewing the market share on mobile, Opera is the leader with 63% share and then is Nokia with a 26% share.

Firefox mobile is expected to be available for most open environments like Android, Nokia’s Maemo, Symbian and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

For the iPhone, however, it will be much longer before Fennec can be introduced, because of Apple’s policies. Safari is therefore, for the time being safe.