Kindle boasts of Twitter and Facebook

The latest firmware update from Amazon promises users who can share their passages from Facebook and Twitter.

This proclamation of the firmware is granted for both Kindle and Kindle DX owners and shall be released by end of May. This doesn’t end here.

Amazon plans to add a plethora of features with its Software Update 2.5. Foe ample the most talked one being- Collections. This feature enables a user to organize any books or documents into one or more collections.

Amazon Kindle Adding more to the list is the zooming feature. One can zoom and pan across any PDF document at the same time one can also fit the font size according to his legibility, as two new larger font sizes have been introduced.

Kindle patrons can now proudly download the updates wirelessly and automatically install them in less than 10 minutes. These features seem to direct a head-on competition to rival Apple’s iPad.