Hyundai Motor wins appeal for $34 Million Patent lawsuit

Hyundai CarsSouth Korean automaker, Hyundai Motor has won an appeal in the lawsuit in which it was accused of violating a patent of a Texas based company for computerized sales records. Hyundai had filed the appeal against the order in April last year to pay $34 million in damages to Clear with Computers.

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said on Monday that the lawsuit filed by the patent licensing firm Orion IP last year for patent infringement against the automaker is invalid.

“There is insufficient evidence to support the jury’s verdict” in Orion’s favour on the question of validity, said the panel comprising three judges.

Orion had filed the suit against Hyundai headquarters in the South Korean capital Soul in the Eastern District of Texas on behalf of Clear with Computers. The suit alleged that the computer programmes for parts sales and inventory method were infringing the patent held by Clear with Computers.