Google launches Google Font API and Google Font Directory

Internet giant, Google has announced the launch of Google Font API and Google Font Directory at its annual developer conference in San Francisco.

The users will now be able to link and use a range of fonts legally without the need of then being installed on the system, through a single line of code. The company wants to enable developers to integrate more distinctive typefaces.

font typographyThe Google Font Directory will offer 19 licensed fonts such as serif, sans-serif, script, and fixed-width, and the company is expected to offer more fonts over time. The Font API can be integrated into websites using either HTML or using a JavaScript WebFont.

In the absence of these fonts, firms like Typekit and Kernest were offering the services. The launch will make business difficult for such services as Google is expected to launch many more fonts soon.

Google has taken the lead over rival Microsoft on the move which will bring public appreciation for the company and score points for the cloud-based computing. Google holds a belief that if people use the web more that are likely to use more of its services like search, maps etc which inspires it to offer some of the services for free.