Doctors perform hi-tech implant surgery at for deaf boy at AIIMS

Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have performed hi-tech implant surgery on three-and-a-half-year-old Aditya, successfully.

The boy was implanted with fifth generation cochlear implant about two weeks ago. This is the first time the new generation cochlear implant surgery has been performed at a government hospital, according to an official from the institution.

AIIMSDr. Rakesh Kumar, associate professor, ENT led the team of surgeons that performed the surgery and the team also included Dr. Kapil Sikka. The surgery was performed with the help of a professor of ENT and AIIMS Director R. C. Deka.

‘The surgery was successfully conducted for the first time in India in a public hospital. It is the most recent technology in the cochlear implant design called as Nucleus 5 of Australian make,’ said Dr. Deka

The treatment used the Nucleus 5 system that gives clear hearing by processing information and blocking background noise. The system is water resistant and is user-friendly. The implant will be switched on in about two weeks and the boy will then undergo speech therapy for about three to five years to enable him to speak clearly.

Dr. Deka has been credited for pioneering the implant surgery in India. He explained,

‘It is provided with features which are better than their previous models. The new model is much thinner and tougher. The system is water-resistant and has a remote controlled processor. This device will help the hearing impaired children in better speech understanding.’