Blue Destiny Records Sued by Google

In what might be looked at as a pretty asymmetric copyright warfare, the $176 Billion Internet giant Google has slapped a lawsuit against Blue Destiny Records, a tiny Florida based indie label that releases blues records.

Last December, Blue Destiny had first sued Microsoft, Google and RapidShare while claiming the RapidShare provided a “distribution centre for unlawful copies of copyrighted works” and the search engines were deriving huge benefits from this infringement.

In March, however, Blue Destiny took the lawsuit back but that did not satisfy Google.

Now, the indie label has been sued by Google and the giant is asking a California court to provide the world with a declaratory judgment on whether links to various cyberlocks count as an infringement.

The case will be presided over by Judge Joseph Spero.

No comments on the development have yet been shared by Blue Destiny Records.