Asus All Set to Strike Back at Apple

Apple Mobile PhoneApple is about to launch its first tablet PC and it will be hitting the stores soon; iPad fever is soaring high.

Jonney Shih, Chairman of Apple competitor Asus confirms that soon they will come out with their very own iPad rival. He revealed that Asus has decided to roll out two tablet PCs in the months to arrive. According to him, the tablet PC will be showcased in The Computex Trade Show in the month of June.

The current venue to launch the product has been different from the previous one which lists the Taipei Conference.

Shih has been credited with the pioneering of masses to be incorporated into the netbooks. On the other hand, he is very keen about the lightweight and inexpensive portable computers which have helped Asus in making a mark. He is sure that the iPad market will welcome Asus foray.

He said, “Netbooks are the best combination of personal computing and cloud computing. But between netbooks and smartphones and e-readers, we think there will be a space for something like a tablet or slate PC”.

The company has consented on its plan to imitate iPad and come out with an iPad clone. He said that the tablet PC will be designed to run Google software as an operating system, Chrome or Android for its mobile applications.