Nokia offers firmware updates for E71 and E66

The leading handset maker, Nokia launched firmware updates for its popular mobile phone models, Nokia E71 and the Nokia E66.

The users of these devices can now update to version v500.21.009 though. The update mainly consists of new features, enhancements, improvements and bug fixes. Users can download the new update through Software Updater.

The new software has almost similar changelog and the main different between the update for the two devices is fix for key mapping issues on the keyboard, and new features available for Nokia IM chat along with localization support for Malay and Indonesian languages.

Nokia E71 will now have improved QWERTY keypad and Portuguese language Localization. The release notes from the company points out the update includes, fix for Emergency call termination with RSK key, fix for Israel written instead of Jerusalem, corrected Argentina names issue in World Clock, Corrected localization issues in world clock, fix for Bluetooth link drop during calls through car-kit, corrected CMCC Java application download, fix for a opening link that has appended space characters and fix for allowing users to select correct mailbox among multiple mailboxes.

The users will be able to access Maps 3.03 Lite, upgraded music player, Quick Office v6.2, upgraded Ovi Store and Lotus Notes traveler v8.5.1 with the new update.

The update will result in the removal of Windows Live from the memory card, offer a link to OVI store in Set Up Internet Telephony, offer upgraded Start Up settings baseline and include the Ovi Suite on the memory card.

The users are advised to save their data by creating a backup before updating to the new firmware as both, Nokia E71 and the Nokia E66 do not feature the user data preservation.