Microsoft says Cloud computing can end software piracy

Chief Executive Officer Steven of Microsoft Mr. A Ballmer says that software privacy will end with the emergence of cloud-based computing as it makes them safer.

Steve BallmerHe said that the software in cloud has intellectual property interwoven and thus it cannot be copied as against traditional programmes that require the use of DVDs etc. The cloud-based services will also help the entertainment devices protect their intellectual rights better.

Mr. Ballmer pointed out the important role India will play in cloud services strategy and also announced the launch of Windows Azure in a media event. The Cloud services are expected to create about 300,000 jobs in the country.

Many private players in IT education, as well as service, have expressed interest in the technology. NIIT has already launched a training programme and Cognizant has entered into a partnership with Microsoft to create solutions for the implementation of cloud-based services.

Windows Azure is an environment for development, service hosting, and service management based on the cloud. It allows developers to compute, host, scale, store and also manage web apps created by them. Windows Azure depends on Microsoft datacenters across the world to offer the services.

Windows Azure can integrate with the existing mechanism and work with a host of languages. The developers can use familiar Microsoft Visual Studio along with SOAP, REST, XML, and PHP on the platform.

The company wants to convince hosting providers that the improvements in cloud-based services can transform their businesses. The Hosting service providers offer another way for the company to include customers and also solutions providers that rely on data centre operated by others.

Microsoft is moving towards becoming a Cloud-based company from a largely PC based software giant. It not only is aiming for large organizations to switch to cloud-based services but also small to midsize businesses. The company is taking efforts to bring these firms aboard.