Intel refuses the abandoning of ‘WiMax’

Intel Inside WimaxRebuffing the reports on dumping the WiMax industry Chip maker Intel has confirmed that the company is not shutting down its WiMax Program Office in Taiwan.

It was through the company’s blog, Bill Kircos, reported that through rumors it has been noted that Intel will soon shut down its 4G WiMAX Program office and presently is denying the claims for the same.

The sites that have posted such rumors have obviously not quoted their names, however here, there is some accurate info, but also some half-truths and assumption, he stated.

Kircos further explained that the company is looking forward to the developing of WiMax wireless standards and in regard of this has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan-based VMAX and wonders why Intel would back off from a market which currently is expanding at such a fast rate.

It basically is aiming to provide a temporary program office that offers support for new technology or product offerings across the world.