Hackers launch unlocking tool for iPhone 3G/3Gs/3.1.3

Apple Mobile PhoneHackers have launched yet another version of the tools that claim to unlock the iPhone 3G/3Gs/3.1.3 version in only 5 minutes.

Since the time of the launch of the iPhone from Apple, the hackers are releasing new and improved versions of the firmware to sidestep protections and restriction placed by the manufacturer on the device.

An illegal program called iPhonia is available on the internet that uses iTunes and other tools to unlock the device after a guided unlocking process. The new update asks users to download the iPhonia 2.2.9 version for unlocking their device.

The process recommended also requires users to connect to the computer through a USB. The unlocking enables users to run programmes that are restricted on the phone and also allows them to unlock the phone for use in other networks.

The tool installs Cydia which includes various unauthorized software onto the device. The Cydia software if upgraded also works on the iPad. iTunes is used to restore the iPhone’s firmware and it then it is Jailbreaked and Unlocked with iPhone OS 3.1.3.

Apple says the jailbreaks are violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and also violate its licenses. The unlocking allows users to use the device on other networks in different countries around the world and it also opens up the multi-million dollar resale market for the device.