DTV-Enabled LG Lotus Announced By LG

LG Electronics, South Korean mobile phone and electronics maker, has announced a new upgraded version of LG Lotus. This modified version contains a digital TV
(DTV) chip, tuner to pick up live TV and support for ATSC-M/H standards.

Though the look is same as original handset, due to additional features you can see an external mobile TV antenna. Other features are QVGA internal display, QWERTY keypad when opened, 2 megapixel camera and micro SD memory card slot which can give users option for adding more storage space.

According to sellers of the handset, the new version of LG Lotus will come along with a DVD player in 2010 which is called LG DP570MH.

Though the original version was launched in 2008 in US, it is been upgraded to a new version and is expected to arrive next year. As specified before there is support for ATSC-M/H standards, there is a LG2160A ATSC-M/H chip included with the device.

It is also said that some best companies like Dell, Kenwood and Hyundai are expected to use this chip in series of products which are about to arrive in market.