Yahoo to implement 'Do Not Track' policy this summer

Yahoo to implement 'Do Not Track' policy this summer

Internet firm Yahoo has confirmed that it would implement 'Do Not Track' solution this summer, in a move that would enhance users’ online privacy.

The so-called ‘Do Not Track’ feature will be implemented the Internet search giant’s entire network, including properties such as Interclick and Right Media.

The consumer privacy technology is already available at rival firms such as Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, implemented ‘Do Not Track’ policies for its Chrome Web browser in February, joining the likes of Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple, which also installed the privacy solution in the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari respectively.

Yahoo’s Do Not Track solution is claimed to be in line with policies developed by the Interest group Digital Advertising Alliance, which represents a number of ad and media firms.

Online firms have long been asked to implement such solutions so that the online privacy of users can be protected.

Yahoo has announced its plans to implement the privacy protection feature as Apple and Google have come under fire for sharing users’ personal information with ad firms. Such incidents have prompted U. S. Senators to ask the Federal Trade Commission to launch a probe in the issue.

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