Wikipedia set for a facelift

Wikipedia set for a facelift

The popular free online encyclopedia site, Wikipedia is set to get a facelift soon. Wikipedia is one of the most viewed sites in the world.

The new look will bring changes to the interface and make it more user friendly. The look named, Vector will give a new fell to the site. The mechanism of searching information on the site would change significantly. The changes would involve improved navigation, a link wizard and a reorganized editing toolbar.

The new improved tool bar will make it easier for users to add internal and external links to the pages. The changes are also expected to speed up the process of search for the users and offer better suggestions. The changes are expected to be implemented on the English Wikipedia on 13th May.

Wikipedia said, “When it was first developed, the software running Wikipedia was considered reasonably user-friendly. By today’s standards, it is not as streamlined nor user-friendly as other software.”

More changes are expected in the future in the site. Wikipedia when launched revolutionarised the web by offering information on the range of topics absolutely free. It emerged as one of most visited site and the leader among all encyclopedia portals.

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