Wheat Production to fall in India this Year

Wheat Production to fall in India this Year

In view of the shortage in the water supply for the wheat crops in India, analysts have predicted a shortfall in the wheat production saying that it will not go beyond the 98 Lakh Tonne mark, this year.

In the last week of March, an analysis on the irrigation conditions yielded the above conclusion, as there was very less amount of water supply attained through canals due to weak supplies of power.

On a contradictory note the wheat production in India was 111 Lakh tones, reportedly.

The analysts said that the forecast shortage can be justified from the fact that the Punjab mandis have received about 3.19 Lakh Tonnes of wheat last year, while the score for this year is merely 1.27 Lakh tones.

The main season of wheat production has come to an end now, for the year, with the process completing by April 30.

The Farmers Commission Consultant for Punjab, Dr. P S Rangi said that the crops are coming up with good yields in the state, adding that the shortfall witnessed in March has been compensated this month.

"It is not even the fault of farmers. They did not have the power to run their tubewells and even the canals were dry at that time", he said.

He further said that this grain is lighter. The ultimate production for March has been estimated to be somewhere between 2.5 Lakh Tonens and 100 Lakh tones.

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