Western Digital features portable video drive

Western Digital features portable video drive

Western Digital has introduced its video drive-My Passport AV. It offers storage of video and play back facility on a HDTV.

The My Passport AV, launched on Wednesday, works by plugging into the USB port of any video device such as game console, camcorder, TV, digital video recorder or even a Blu-ray player to playback content on TV.

The device boasts of an out of league format feature that is unbeatable compared to any device. The video drive works by facilitating the users via copying the data directly and archiving the same at that instant. This archive can be played on any of the video formats such as Sony Blu-ray player or HDTV.

It can also work on models of JVC, Phillips, Samsung Electronics flat-panel TVS and Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles by using the USB playback feature.

The My Passport AV has 320 GB storage capacity and comes with a price tag of $110. The device also comes with a two-year warranty and an easy-to-use backup device for home PCs and Mac. This device is an exclusive offering of WD after the introduction of My Book World Edition storage drive.

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