Virgin media blamed of blocking sites

Virgin media blamed of blocking sites

Subscribers complain as Virgin Media fails to provide a gateway access online file storage facilities such as Rapidshare and MegaUpload, causing a rage in patrons.

This is considered to be a mistake from the side Virgin Media network, although a few believe that this could be a result of speed throttling. This apparently has caused a huge loss for the small-sized businesses who rely on this mode for the working.

This was further looked by a tweet on the Virgin Media Twitter site, where the company states that they are aware of the ongoing issue and are putting in lot of effort to rectify the problem by restoring the access to the sites as soon as possible.

Also, the firm tries to clear off the air and makes sure that users understand that the issue is not down to Virgin Media.

A few comment that the network is being influenced by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) child abuse filter which supposedly led the Virgin Media to take the step.

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