Uninor’s new scheme- avail discount on call rates

Uninor’s new scheme- avail discount on call rates

A dynamic pricing mode from Uninor has been launched in the Indian market as the new player in telecom market tries to establish itself.

In this scheme, the users are free to take the maximum benefit of discounts on a call, allotted according to network traffic and the connected cellphone tower. It is believed that the discounts range from 5 percent to 60 percent by simply crossing a street. At 60 percent discount, one can call for as low as 20 paisa and crossing no more than 50 paisa.

This scheme is termed as the '24X7 Badalta Discount Plan (DP)', planning to bestow users changing discounts on their calls based on traffic on the network.

The discount modifies with the time, location and tower. Aiming to put in cost controls this plan is meant for Uninor-to-Uninor or Uninor-to-any other operator local calls. The user needs to pay Rs. 48 as rental, which is valid for 3 months, and thus can get its service activated at that instant.

Uninor further added that the services have been made live in three telecom circles of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and one can avail the same from the nearest retail outlet.

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