Tata Motors’ Shares Slipped, BSE Stood Up

Tata Motors’ Shares Slipped, BSE Stood UpDuring the early hour trading, the shares of Tata Motors fell by 3%. It has been reported that today’s fall was biggest fall throughout the year. It is believed that 6% decline in the global sales of the company for the month of July has led to fall in the shares.

A report over the sales of Tata Motor was announced yesterday. Yesterday, the company announced that its global sales stood at 85,392 units in July, down 6% as compared with the same month last year. The luxury cars like Jaguar Land Rover also could help the company to book profitable sales for the month of July.

Yesterday, the Tata Motors announced its plan to set up a driver’s training institution in Manipur to avoid frequent road mishap. Habib Saleh, Company's Regional Manager (East) said, "We would be very keen to establish a driver’s training institute to have a quality driving in the era of good road and good vehicles".

Although the shares of Tata Motors fell down, BSE Sensex stood up at 116.52 points. It has been reported that on BSE, 40,000 shares were traded in the counter as against an average daily volume of 3.72 lakh shares in the past one quarter.

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