Strike stops work at Hyundai plant near Chennai

Strike stops work at Hyundai plant near Chennai

Work at the plant of Hyundai Motor India near Chennai in Sriperumbudur town has come to a halt after the Hyundai Motor India Employees Union (HMIEU) went on a strike on Monday.

The workers are demanding reinstatement of 67 of their fellow colleagues who were rusticated after a strike in July. Only 150 employees of the 10,000 went on strike yesterday. However, the company said it has decided to halt production as it was not sure of maintaining quality of the cars during the strike.

Edison Perira, leader Hyundai Workers Union said, "Since yesterday midnight we have gone on strike demanding reinstatement of the dismissed 67 employees. We also want the company to recognise the union and as a part of our crusade, 410 workers within the plant and 400 others outside are protesting against the management and have gone on strike."

He added that the company has not recognized the union despite the fact that it is a registered body. He also alleged that the services of the employees are not regularized and the company has opted for contract employees for direct manufacturing activities, which is illegal.

R Sethuraman, Senior Vice President, Finance and Corporate Affairs, of Hyundai Motor India Limited has said that the company dismissed some workers for casing distruction to company’s property and the court has supported that suggestion.

He indicated that the company is ready to accept some of the workers back but added that a legal process in ongoing and thus the strike itself is illegal.

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