Stock Trading

Hindalco Industries

After analyzing Hindalco Industries, stock market analysts have came to the conclusion that day traders can buy the stock of Hindalco Industries for intraday dealings.

The stock of Hindalco Industries is going on dips, and can be purchased by traders with strict stop loss of Rs 211 for intraday target of Rs 219.

The stock of the company has touched 52-week high of Rs 240 with a low of Rs 120 on National Stock Exchange.

The activity of Hindalco Industries is to produce aluminium and semi- fabricated products.

Nucleus Software Intraday Buy Call

The stock of Nucleus Software is looking robust for intraday trading. Stock analysts are of the views that traders can buy Nucleus Software with strict stop loss of Rs 378. The intraday target for this counter lies between Rs 401-415.

The stock of the company has seen decent rise from last 3-4 weeks. It will surely provide bulky gains in today’s trading session.

The activity of the company is to provide innovative and pioneering products and software solutions.

At National Stock Exchange, the stock of the company has touched 52-week high of Rs 600.

FII investment limit in Gujarat NRE Coke increased to 74 percent

Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd. stock may witness buying as RBI has notified that FII's can now purchase shares of the company up to 74% of the paid-up capital.

Gujarat NRE Coke is India’s largest independent producer of metallurgical coke. The company owns Coking coal mines in Australia.

Reliance Natural Resources Limited Buy Call

Stock market analyst Mr. Rajat K Bose has recommended an intraday buy on Reliance Natural Resources with an intraday price target of Rs 129. Day traders can purchase the stock with strict stop loss below Rs 116.

The activity of the company is to source, supply and the transportation of gas, coal and liquid fuels. It also involved in the exploration, production and distribution of gas and the mining of coal.