Buzzing Stocks

Sell NTPC Stock

Stock market analyst Rajat K Bose has suggested the investors to sell NTPC stock as there are full chances of a downward trend in this stock.

After opening feebly at Rs 265 against its last closure at Rs 274 (15 Jan), the stock is trading at Rs 269.90 (at 11:15 am).

Mr. Bose also suggested investors that if the stock fell below Rs 260, it may see more weakness. So the investors must sell the stock with a stop loss above Rs 281, for targets of Rs 262 and Rs 259.

After selling the stock in today’s session, investors can enter the stock again, but only on declines.

Short Term Buy Call For HimatSingka Seide

Stock market analyst E Mathew has suggested investors to buy ‘Himatsingka Seide’ stock to achieve short term target of Rs 170.

The stock has performed brilliantly on Tuesday (15 Jan), and marked its closure at Rs 107.60. Today, it opened at Rs 110 on BSE, and Rs 108.15 on NSE. Presently (11:05 am), it is trading 5.58% up at Rs 113.60 on BSE, and 5.89% up at Rs 113.35 on NSE.

At the same time, the stock is trading with a P/E of 29.17 wth an EPS (TTM) of Rs 3.89.

Buy Agro Tech Foods

Stock analyst E Mathew is of the view that Agro Tech Foods stock will provide hefty gains in the short run.

The stock can be bought on declines. Don’t buy it on upper levels. Investors should use Rs 202 as a stop loss to achieve a short-term target of Rs 270.

Based on previous charts, it looks that Agro Tech Foods will surely announce good earnings for the three months period ended on Dec 31, 2007. So, the investors are suggested to keep the stock for at least 3-4 weeks to earn good profit.

Short Term Buy Call For Educomp Solutions

Stock analyst Ashwani Gujral is of the view that investors should purchase Educomp Solutions stock on declines to achieve short term target of Rs 6600. Keep a stop loss of Rs 4600.

As per the technical and growth charts, the stock has been performing well from last few trading sessions. The said short-term target is likely to complete within a period of 2-3 months.

BASF India Intraday Buy Call

BASF India is going against the market tide, and if the investors want to take advantage of this volatility, buy it around Rs 303. The stop loss is at Rs 298, and it will definitely reach above Rs 310 on BSE.

BASF India is looking too strong at current levels. So, don’t miss the opportunity. Buy the stock and see the difference. It will really outperform the stock market.

The stock (14 Jan) closed at Rs 302.35 on BSE. It’s better for traders to buy the stock before opening of the stock market.

Buy United Phosphorous

Stock analysts have suggested traders to buy United Phosphorous with a stop loss at Rs.403 to achieve intraday target that lies between Rs. 423-439.

On the National Stock Exchange, the stock has seen 52-week high of Rs.425 and the low of Rs. 268. The stock today opened at Rs. 410 as compared to the previous closure at Rs. 407.

Current PE and EPS are 86.12 and 4.52 respectively. Net profit for the year ended March 2007 stood at Rs. 109 crore.

Welspun Gujarat Intraday Buy Call

The stock analysts have suggested traders to purchase 'Welspun Gujarat' with a strict stop loss of Rs 456 to achieve an intraday target that lies between Rs. 470-480.

At the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the stock has touched a 52-week high of Rs. 493 and the low of Rs. 80. Today, the stock opened at Rs. 480 as compared to its last closure at Rs. 462 (10 Jan).

The current P/E is 33.49 and the EPS is 13.67.


Investors are suggested to buy NDTV stock to be sold on Tuesday (15 January). This delivery call has been given as the stock has been performing well from last few weeks.

The investors can purchase the stock above at Rs 449.50 with a strict stop loss of Rs 244 for achieving a target of Rs 491 within 3 trading sessions (15 Jan).

Today the stock opened at Rs 456.80 against its last closure at Rs 452.10. Presently (at 11:41 am), the stock is trading 1.13% down at Rs 447 on BSE.

BPCL Intraday Buy Call

BPCL is looking good for intraday trading in today’s session.

Today (11 Jan), BPCL stock opened at Rs 450 as against its previous closure at Rs 438.05. The interested day traders can purchase the stock around Rs 440 with a strict stop loss at Rs 436.50. The target for the day is Rs 455.

The stock will surely cross this target. If the stock price hits this target early, the next target for the day will be above Rs 460.

TV 18 Intraday Buy Call

Stock market analysts have given a buy call on Television Eighteen with a strict stop loss of Rs 509. The marked price target for the counter is Rs 549.

As turn around story of the stock, it is playing brilliantly from last few weeks in the stock market.

At National Stock Exchange, the stock of the company has touched 52-week high of Rs 600 with a low of Rs 253. The company has earned a net profit of Rs 17crore for year ending March 2007 and Rs 8 crore for quarter ending September 2007.