Sensex Falls 700 Points

Sensex Falls 700 Points

According to the recent reports from the stock market, it has been revealed that Sensex has seen a plunged more than 700 points and as ended lower by 4.2%. The US Federal Reserve has issued warning after this development. They have raised concerns over the downside risk this might tend to have on the growth.

Analysts are of the view that there are more fluctuations to be witnessed by the market and any changes should be made to work for the betterment of business. Respite has come to India in the meantime and they are easing off the clutches of inflation a bit.

It has come down to 8.84% from the 9.47% it was a week ago. As for the fuel price index, it seems to have seen a fall as well, from the 13.04% it was to 12.17%. As for the fuel prices, they might seem to fluctuate due to the volatile market conditions.

The BSE closed at 16342.42, which is 4.24% lower than what it was. As for the NSE, it closed at 214.40 points lower than it was at 4918.85, which was 4.18% lower. With the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the world economy, all markets of the world are getting affected by the fluctuations.

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