Samsung, Sony Ericsson unveils new smartphones

SamsungTwo mobile phone giants Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson introduced their new smartphones on Sunday ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

South Korea-based Samsung unveiled it’s the Samsung Wave with a view to grasp a larger share of the smartphone market, which is predominantly dominated by Apple’s iPhone.

The Wave, which is expected to hit stores in May, is equipped with a 3.3-inch long touch screen along with a 5 mega pixel camera.

It is the first handset to run Samsung’s new mobile operating system, Bada. It also features apps store for downloading maps, games and lifestyle applications.

Samsung has plans to launch 5-7 phone models using Bada software during the current year.

Sony Ericsson, the Swedish-Japanese group, also announced its three new smartphone models. Two of the three announced smartphones run Google's Android OS, while the third one runs Nokia's Symbian.

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