Radiant Infosystems to set up call centre in Hyderabad central jail

Radiant Infosystems to set up call centre in Hyderabad central jail

An outsourcing company called Radiant Infosystems has announced plans to give employment to the prisoners by setting up a call centre in the Cherlapalli Central Jail in Hyderabad. It will be the first jail in the country to feature a BPO in its jail premises.

The initiative will increase the prospects of the criminals in getting jobs after they are released from the jail. Radiant has already signed an agreement with the jail authorities and the unit will be established soon.

The call centre will employ about 250 prisoners to work in the new call centre that will handle insurance claim forms and bank account applications for domestic clients and the operations will later include customers from Britain and the United States.

The jail authorities have said that qualified and committed prisoners will be selected for the job. The employees will be ranked according to their qualifications. The director of the company, C. Narayanacharyulu said that prisoners who have completed their school and others with higher studies will be employed in the call centre.

The selected candidates will undergo training by a group of experts before they take charge of the call centre. The call centre will run on three shifts in a day. The jail authorities have taken precautions to avoid any incident in the project.

"The idea is to ensure that on being released, the prisoners find it easy to get absorbed in the mainstream. Prisoners often find getting suitable employment post release a tough task. So, this is an attempt to ensure that their employers know them well in advance," said Reddy.

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