Paid news would be dangerous for democracy

Paid news would be dangerous for democracy

Over the issue of eroding social responsibility and ethics in the new look, new age Indian media the press council of India has raised certain concerns.

The PCI specifically raised concerns on the paid form of news as it was threatening the existence of democracy. It also suggested that the current system of having monopoly rights over media should be thought over again and possible be made extinct.

The PCI had made these comments after it found out from an investigation that most big newspaper houses were having paid news as a common feature. In a seminar organized by the Tripura Journalists Union PCI chairman Justice G N Ray pointed out at the hazards of paid news.

He further went on to add that the media was given such extensive legal right and handsome privileges as it was assigned with a duty to contribute to the society rather than just sensationalizing the news.

He also added that the media could not just be viewed as a capital or ownership and should concentrate more on the co-operative model for their operations for a successful and safer future for the profession.

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