News Corp. Increases Investments in Digital-Reading Technologies

 News Corp. Increases Investments in Digital-Reading Technologies

News Corp. has made two transactions to improve their digital news sections. The company bought Skiff LLC an electronic news firm. Skiff owned by Hearst Corp. which charges readers to read news online.

News Corp made the two deals to increase their digital news by investing in the electronic newspaper. The deals were made to arrange options for the companies’ web properties to put up their media for the increasing demand for mobiles, computer tablets and other electronic gadgets.

Skiff and Journalism Online which is an online payment firm are the investments made by News Corp. The company plans to use the Journalism Online for subscriptions and advertising and experts say the transactions will help hold up the backbone of News Corp. and will encourage consumers to use the News Corp. facilities.

The company will encourage news organizations have create collaborations with them and to improve digital sales subscriptions by giving consumers more from their subscriptions. News Corp is working on creating news in cable television fashion where consumers pay for one subscription and can access the media content from different locations with an account.

News Corp. is working on project “Alesia” which is most likely to involve other companies in collaboration. The project is named after a city in Gaul which the Romans conquered. News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch will release details on the model for digital media.

"Quality journalism is not cheap, and an industry that gives away its content is simply cannibalizing its ability to produce good reporting," Murdoch said.

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