Lytro camera: an exciting innovation

Lytro camera: an exciting innovation

Newly released Lytro camera is an amazing and exiting innovation as it being seen as the savior for the struggling camera industry.

The Lytro is a 4.4-inch long & 1.6-inch square equipment that looks far distinct from a typical camera. The oblong awkward looking device utilizes Light Field photography- a type of complex photography technique that was used to produce the illustrious scene in the Matrix where Neo darted bullets in a 3D style.

After analyzing the field of vision, the revolutionary camera captures all the different points of light which make up an image. It may be noted here that conventional cameras capture only one point and have the linear image projection.

What is more, the Lytro processes & stores the captured information as data rather than as a static picture. When processed, the stored data produces a picture that lets users to refocus the image as they like.

Speaking about the camera, Steve Lohr of The New York Times said, "For a photographer, whether amateur or professional, the Lytro technology means that the headaches of focusing a shot go away."

The Lytro's 8GB model, which can hold 350 images, is available for $399. Buyers have option to choose the 8GB model in electric blue and graphite. The 16GB `red hot' model, which can store 750 pictures, costs $750.

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