Jet offers 2m tickets at fares between Rs 2,250 and Rs 3,800

Jet offers 2m tickets at fares between Rs 2,250 and Rs 3,800

Despite cautions by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) that fare-war could hit airlines hard, Jet Airways on Tuesday announced a sale of around two million seats at fares ranging between Rs 2,250 and Rs 3,800 for all of its domestic routes.

The Jet Airways, which is surely offering discounted tickets as part of its efforts to regain market share, will book seat at the discounted fares until 24th of February.

The move prompted some rival carriers to drag their respective fare on select routes down. GoAir and IndiGo, which are India's biggest airlines in terms of number of passengers, tried to match Jet Airways; but SpiceJet did not join the fare-war.

Speaking on the topic, a travel industry executive said, "IndiGo and GoAir have responded to the offer by bringing down their fares to the same range in certain sectors and on some flights. they have reduced fares in only two and the rest are selling at normal fares."

Last month, the civil aviation regulator as well as the civil aviation ministry raised concerned that fare-war could hurt carriers financially, after SpiceJet offered one million tickets for Rs 2,013 apiece for one-way travel between February and April.

Sabina Chopra, co-founder of India's second largest travel portal Yatra. com, welcomed the decline in fares, saying the discounts were good for both consumers and the airlines that have been suffering fall in passenger numbers for several months.

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