Indian Angel Network Aims to Achieve Top 10 Status in a Decade

Indian Angel Network Aims to Achieve Top 10 Status in a Decade

Joining hands with angel investors, accelerators, and consultants to set up a no-hindrance manufacture, Indian corporates, multinationals, and the IT industry's crest body have come together. They plan to create 15 billion-dollar companies over the next decade.

Indian Angel Network (IAN) founder, Saurabh Srivastava, has shed light on the fact that funding and support takes its equitable place in the production line of technology companies. It is expected to spawn a new wave of economic growth.

The companies that have been involved are cherubic angels of business world. The list includes Google, Mumbai Angels, Silicon Valley bank, accelerators 91Springboards, IAN Incubator, Microsoft Accelerator, The Hatch, Microsoft, Nasscom, Zinnov Consulting, Chennai Angels, Harvard Angels, Hyderabad Angels, The Morpheus, and Venture Nursery, and many more.

According to Saurabh Srivastava, "IAN is very excited about the 10,000 Startups initiative and hopes to bring all angel investors together to provide the most key ingredient to make this program a success--seed capital".

The purpose of the group is to convince IT professionals that entrepreneurship is a practical career choice. It plans to construct a team with the help of 7,000 networking events, educational talks, and hackathons in 30 cities.

The highlighting part of the organization is the support of 10,000 companies and a US$25,000 package of sponsors' products and services.

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